Long Detour: Signed Blu-ray

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Buy a Signed Copy of THE LONG DETOUR Blu-ray  only available in the Carrack-Uk Store

Best used with multi regional players to ensure worldwide compatibility 



The Long Detour:




       1 Too Good to be True

  1. Satisfy My Soul
  2. Late At Night
  3. Sleep On It
  4. Watching Over Me
  5. Eyes Of Blue
  6. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  7. Better Than Nothing
  8. Across The Borderline
  9. The Only One11. That's All That Matters To Me
  10. Life's Too Short
  11. Tempted
  12. You Don't Know Me
  13. Bet Your Life
  14. Love Will Keep Us Alive
  15. The Living Years
  16. How Long
  17. Over My Shoulder