Live 2000-2020: The Independent Years

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Paul Carrack - Live 2000-2020 The Independent Years - 5 CD Boxset w/16 Page Book containing 75 rare and unreleased tracks

These recordings that celebrate those 20 years are aptly called The Independent Years. They are a collection of rare and unreleased recordings from live concerts and TV shows and demonstrate what it takes to be a successful musician and songwriter. Real talent is much rarer than people imagine. And in Paul Carrack that talent is here to be heard in all its raw emotion. Each Paul Carrack show is different, he sings how he feels, with the ability to channel those emotions to his many fans.

1. The Way I?m Feeling Tonight
2. Sunny
3. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)
4. Satisfy My Soul
5. Life In A Bubble
6. My Kind
7. Nick Of Time
8. Where Did I Go Wrong?
9. The Only One
10. The Living Years
11. Perfect Storm
12. Better Than Nothing
13. Marie
2.1. Into The Mystic
2.2. Love Will Keep Us Alive
2.3. Bet Your Life
2.4. Tempted
2.5. You Don?t Know Me
2.6. Georgia
2.7. I Think It?s Going To Rain Today
2.8. If You?d Ever Needed Someone
2.9. It Ain?t Over
2.10. If I Were You
2.11. That?s All That Matters To Me
2.12. Dig Deep
2.13. Don?t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
2.14. Don?t Shed A Tear
2.15. Eyes Of Blue
2.16. For Once In Our Lives
3.1. Don?t Dream It?s Over
3.2. Raining In My Heart
3.3. If I Should Fall Behind
3.4. Running Out Of Time
3.5. How Long
3.6. You Make Me Feel Good
3.7. Come Rain Or Come Shine
3.8. These Days
3.9. Together
3.10. That?s How I Feel
3.11. Sleep On It
3.12. Time Waits For No One
3.13. She Lived Down The Street
3.14. Never Too Late
3.15. Nothing To Lose
4.1. Another Cup Of Coffee
4.2. Any Day Now
4.3. Borderline
4.4. Just A Little Lie
4.5. Inspire Me
4.6. Late At Night
4.7. Good Feelin? About It
4.8. Harvest For The World
4.9. Over My Shoulder
4.10. Sniffing About
4.11. No Easy Way Out
4.12. One In A Million
4.13. Life?s Too Short
4.14. Watching Over Me
4.15. One Small Step
5.1. Too Good To Be True
5.2. Happy To See You Again
5.3. Nothing More Than A Memory
5.4. When You Walk In The Room
5.5. Make Your Mind Up
5.6. Groovin?
5.7. Let Me Love Again
5.8. What?s Going On
5.9. Dance To The Music
5.10. From Now On
5.11. Long Ago
5.12. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
5.13. I?m Losing You
5.14. Nothing Without You
5.15. Beautiful World
5.16. Dedicated