Love Songs

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Carrack UK brings out a special release for Valentine's Day 2020. Previously only ever available on download/streaming sites, "Love Songs" is released physically for the first time as a 38 track 2 CD set w/booklet. The set aims to compile Paul's fans favourite love songs into one concise collection.

1. I Don't Want Your Love (I Need Your Love)
2. How Wonderful
3. Any Day Now
4. Walk On By
5. Keep On Lovin You
6. Satisfy My Soul
7. Only A Breath Away
8. One In A Million
9. All The Way
10. Eyes Of Blue
11. Always Have, Always Will
12. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
13. Love Will Keep Us Alive
14. If You Love Me
15. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
16. Moon River
17. That's All That Matters To Me
18. My Kind
19. Into The Mystic
2.1. For Once In Our Lives
2.2. You Don't Know Me
2.3. Dedicated
2.4. That's How I Feel
2.5. Let Me Love Again
2.6. Come Rain Or Shine
2.7. Amazing
2.8. Share Your Love With Me
2.9. One Small Step
2.10. Crazy Love
2.11. Where Does The Time Go?
2.12. Am I In That Dream?
2.13. Perfect Love
2.14. If I Should Fall Behind
2.15. The Only One
2.16. Cover Me
2.17. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
2.18. With You In Mind
2.19. Tell Somebody Who Cares